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stitched textiles

Stitched textile is a rapidly developing and exciting form of creative art. It has assumed new forms, breaking barriers and exploring new materials and techniques. Increasingly it is gaining recognition as a vibrant and powerful medium for conveying images and ideas.

The selection of my works on this website forms an introduction to my personal involvement in this area. Most of my work takes the form of large wall-hangings, but some pieces are smaller. My work is mainly hand-stitched, and encompasses figurative pieces, constructions and landscapes.

My method of work mainly involves appliqué and hand-stitching. The materials and techniques used are very varied. I generally start by using layers of thin silks, cottons and chiffons, often hand-dyed and bonded together. I then hand-stitch, mainly using large straight-stitch, couching and running-stitch.

My work for Oxford Art Weeks 2015, was shown on Foreign Dispatches programme, Channels TV, Nigeria. [Opens in new tab]

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