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From a background in sculpture I have moved into working with fabric and yarn. My inspiration comes mainly from the world around me and the interaction of nature, people, and the political and environmental events that confront them. My work is an attempt to record the feeling and texture of landscapes and events, and my personal reaction to them. I try to capture my ideas with the use of bold and vibrant colour. I feel strongly that art should be accessible, and should be written about in simple terms that are easily understood. Some of my work has had a social and political dimension. I have attempted to explore the themes of displacement, conflict and personal identity; always seeking to convey a sense of dignity and endurance.

The work always begins with sketches in water soluble crayons, smudging to suggest layers, and using sharp lines to suggest threads. However my work only takes off once I am handling the materials and juxtaposing different textures, colours and densities. Re-cycling a rich variety of materials is an important part of my work. I hate the idea of waste. Decisions and choices only come easily to me if they are part of a large range of possibilities.

Constantly building up my work, I very seldom, if ever, remove fabric or stitches. If it doesn’t seem to work then I add more, exploring the tensions, strengths and weaknesses of the piece. The manipulation of fabric and the building up of a surface of layers continue to fascinate me. I try to explore the idea of suggested or evocative forms and atmosphere, rather than making too bold or direct a statement.

I am above all a hand-stitcher. That way, I feel I have more control over colour, texture and communication. Although I refer to sketches and ideas in note books, I can never work to a final and conceived finished idea. It needs to grow organically. I devise techniques to fit the concept; not to dictate it.


2002Master Class with Julia Caprara

2000Opus School of Textile Arts
City and Guilds Creative Embroidery, parts 1 and 2

1967Art teaching in London and Oxford

1964Hornsey College of Art, Art Teacher‘s Certificate

1958Oxford School of Art, National Diploma in Design, (Sculpture and Lithography)


2015Prism Exhibition, Hoxton Arches, London
2015Oxfordshire Art Weeks, Oxford
2014Prism Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2013Prism Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2012Prism Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2011Prism Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2010Prism Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2009Diana Springall Collection, Macclesfield Museum
2009Prism Mall Galleries, London
2008Prism Mall Galleries, London
2008The Oxford Open Modern Art, Oxford
2007Prism Mall Galleries, London
2006Prism Mall Galleries, London
2005This is Opus, 16 West Smithfield, London
2005Prism Mall Galleries, London
2004Prism Mall Galleries, London
2004Committed to Cloth Chequer Mead Arts Centre, East Grinstead
2004Committed to Cloth/Knitting and Stitching Show, London and Harrogate
2004Oxford Embroiderers’ Guild Touring exhibition
2003Prism Mall Galleries, London
2003Reflex Cajobah Gallery, Liverpool
2002Opus (C & G Part 2) Museum of London
2001Opus (C & G Part 1) Congress House, London

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